The School follows the Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum and uses the Ministry Approved Textbooks for academic subjects. The Ontario Ministry Tests - EQAO are written in Grades 3 and Grades 6, and the Ontario Ministry of Education Report Cards are used.

The Curriculum of the School is managed by the Director of Education; a very competent educationalist with more than 34 years of teaching experience in Ontario Schools. The Director has Principal’s Qualifications from Ontario, as well as specialization in Librarianship, Computer Education, Early Childhood Education, Literacy and is an educational author.

The School day, at 7 hours, is much longer than the regular school day and allows for Islamic education. The children perform salaat, learn to read the Qur’an, memorize surahs, kalimahs and dua’s. Islamic topics are integrated into the daily curriculum.

All grades have two aspects – the Academic and the Islamic Studies Program. The Islamic Studies Kindergarten Program is elaborated upon on a sub-page to give an example of how it is implemented into the program.

How is an Islamic School different from a Public School?

There are many articles on this and some of them will be linked to this site for further information. (Inshallah)