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Does Speed Matter?

Far away in the land of Staples there lived a stapler named Stick. Stick was a slow but hard working stapler. He went to the Academy for Young Staplers and often got jealous of his classmate, Stanley The Stapler.

Stanley The Stapler was a very fast stapler and what you would call a show off. He never worked hard and would often be seen showing his skills to another stapler or two. Like this one time Stanley went and stapled 49 documents in front of a few students and they were all stapled in a time period of 2 minutes. The students were amazed. They started complimenting Stanley. Stick was jealous! He wanted to be like Stanley. He wanted to staple fast and He wanted to be complimented too!

Sticks decided that he was going to work even harder. Everyday he volunteered at STAPLES and his progress was slow but it was getting a little better. But Stick was not satisfied with this!

Sticks tried to staple 457 documents a day. But again the progress was not satisfying him. He was tired and sore in the back and arm. He wanted to cry! Then he decided to just rest.

One day when Stick came to school, he saw everyone gathered around Stanley’s desk. He went to see what all the fuss was about. So he made his way through the crowd of students and there he saw Stanley crying over his broken arm. He had stapled too fast that he injured his metal bone. So immediately, Stick called the Stambulance to help Stanley. The stambulance took Stanley to the hospital where he found out he could not staple anymore.

After finding out the news, Stick finally learned that Speed does not matter. He learned that safety and hard work is more important than showing off and being fast, Although he did feel bad for Stanley, he was happy he never had to worry about being fast.

The End

Mariam C.

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Al-Iman School's Published Authors 2021

Aadil A., Fatima M, Mariam C (poem & Story)

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