Principal's Message

Assalamu-alaikum. We live in challenging times. Today we see many difficulties facing our youth. We want them to contribute towards making a better society, but to retain their identity, values and religion.

This is possible if we provide guidance and organizational structures for them. If we do not do this, we can look at the newspapers and see increasing numbers of Muslim names involved in unwholesome activities. If we do not do this, we will see beautiful, but empty masjids. We all have a responsibility to preserve Islam for the coming generations – regardless of whether or not we have school age children.

Muslim Schools perform an essential role in preserving and maintaining the Islamic identity and religion in Canada. The following are some of the benefits of attending Islamic Schools:

  • Academic subjects are similar, but Islamic curriculum is added

  • Learn about Islam

  • Students are taught correct ethics and Islamic moral conduct

  • Practice lslamic ethics, perform salat, read Qur’an

  • Equal treatment regardless of race or culture

  • Individual attention

  • A safe environment – No bullying or drugs, etc.

  • Positive Islamic atmosphere

Sacrifices are required to achieve this. There is no government funding for Islamic or Muslim schools. Parents that want to send their children to Muslim schools face great financial hardships when they have more than one child in school. Muslims must support the Muslim schools if they want to see the institutions flourish and help protect the future generations.

Your help is needed!

Muslim educational institutions are the only way to educate our children so that they will be academically proficient and yet preserve and maintain their identity. Help us protect the Muslim children in the following ways:

  • Establish Muslim schools and send your children to them.

  • Volunteer your time and talents.

  • Lend or donate funds required to acquire a permanent school building thus ensuring the presence of Islam in your child’s life and in North America.

Syyed Hamid Ali